unitized facades


ASC offers the most innovative curtainwall systems in the marketplace, combining aesthetic, performance and economic considerations into optimum solutions to our client’s needs. Our inventive unitized systems have evolved through their application on numerous major building projects to represent the state-of-the-art in curtainwall technology and performance. Sophisticated system design features and installation methods have paralleled this evolution, resulting in improved economy as well as superior performance.



Unitised Facade   Unitised Facade



The vertical and horizontal framing members are figuratively split, allowing independently framed “units” to be assembled and glazed in a factory. The units can be designed to span multiple floors or multiple horizontal modules, and can incorporate multiple cladding elements such as operable vents and windows. Unitized systems concentrate fabrication and assembly in a controlled factory setting, rather than in the field. Factory completed units are shipped to the project site and simply hung onto the building.


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