stick facades


Stick systems are built from long vertical extrusions (mullions) attached to the building structure, with shorter horizontal extrusions spanning between the vertical mullions to create the frames. Cladding materials are then installed into the frames. Extrusions may be fabricated in the shop, but all assembly, installation and glazing takes place in the field.


 Stick Facade   Stick Facade 



Installation strategy is highly sensitive to specific site, schedule and coordination requirements. All ASC operations are driven by the requirements of the building site.

Materials can be fabricated, assembled and stored offsite, and be delivered on a just-in-time basis as required to support installation crews, thus minimizing on-site storage and staging requirements on highly congested building sites. Assembled units are delivered to the site on open flatbed trailers. The units can be lifted by crane from the trailer and directly set in place on the building facade. Alternately, units can be designed to be installed from inside the building. Installation crews working from a floor above use a small jib crane to lower the units to a setting crew below. Other techniques are possible depending upon specific project requirements.


Installation strategy, site logistics and operations are among the greatest strengths of ASC, and represent the capability most valued by our general contracting clients.

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