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Glass is the most common infill material used in curtainwall systems, but other cladding materials include Composite Panel or Alucobond. Curtainwall systems typically span across floor slabs, creating a need for opaque cladding material to conceal the slab edge, fire-safing, and any between-floor mechanical systems. A spandrel panel is often located between vision glass panels to conceal this area. To achieve opacity, spandrel glass is treated with a ceramic coating (called a frit), a film, or is incorporated into an assembly called a shadow box.

 Cladding System ASC  Cladding System ASC



Glass is used extensively as a curtainwall cladding material because of its transparency and ability to provide daylight and view. Solar gain in such applications can present challenges with respect to energy performance, thermal and visual comfort, and represent important design considerations in the development of an appropriate curtainwall facade.


Cladding System ASC  Cladding System ASC



ASC can offer full support for selecting the ideal cladding system. We offer a range of products that are particularly developed for various projects. Every product can be adjusted or adapted, following your request.  All of our cladding systems are being fabricated and ‘tailored’ to fit each particular project.

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